About Us

What We Do

EPACENTER is a creative youth development organization that works with East Palo Alto youth as they amplify their talents and impact their world through art and design. 

Our name (pronounced “epicenter”) refers to the rich cultural energy of our home, the City of East Palo Alto (EPA). East Palo Alto’s power and potential is evident in our young people. At EPACENTER, we provide opportunities for youth to amplify their creative voices, resulting in a stronger and more vibrant city.

“I’ve developed so many different skills socially and emotionally alongside my community. I feel a sense of purpose at EPACENTER.”


Our Mission

Our mission is to increase opportunities for youth to discover and amplify their talents, realize their potential, and impact the world through art, design, and technology.


We believe that youth have the right to determine the world they will inherit as adults. We believe that creativity is a civil rights issue.

We value the rights of young people of color to shape their world, and to create civic, social, educational, economic, and environmental circumstances that enable them to live healthy, productive, and sustainable lives.

We also engage youth in organizational decision-making, key leadership roles, and cultural leadership opportunities.

We privilege the creative work of young people of color, featuring their artwork in our gallery, on our stages, and on our screens.

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