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EPACENTER offers tuition-free classes and internships for youth in East Palo Alto. We provide equitable access to classes and internships in many creative fields. Click on either of the buttons below to sign up for classes and internships.

Registration for the 2023 Summer Arts Camp ends June 13.

How do I register? Register online or in person at EPACENTER on Wednesdays and Fridays from 12-7 pm, and Saturdays 12-2 pm.

How do I pay the supply fee? We accept exact cash only in person, otherwise, our preferred payment method is online by debit or credit card.

Our Model

EPACENTER practices Creative Youth Development (CYD) as its approach to youth engagement. By combining project-based learning opportunities and development skills, CYD amplifies youth success in adolescence and into adulthood. Research has shown that young people in CYD programs experience increased self-esteem, a sense of belonging, and support youth as they are active agents of their own change.

Our Key Program Areas

  • Arts Education: Builds students’ creative thinking skills through high-quality classes, workshops, studio sessions, and boot camps in every art form.
  • Interdisciplinary Instruction: Builds students’ ability to apply their creative skills along with the core subjects of science, technology, engineering, math, and environmentalism (E-STEAM).
  • Workforce Development: Builds students’ economic resilience through workforce development programs in: sectors that fuel the creative economy; entrepreneurial programs that help them launch creative enterprises; and apprenticeships with professionals in their field on productions, festivals, public performances, and commissioned art projects.
  • Therapy & Mental Health: Builds socio-emotional resilience in youth through art therapy, music therapy, and drama therapy programs.