Creativity is power. When youth are able to develop their creativity, they can transform all of our lives, and shape their world in a positive way.

Join us in supporting youth as they start and continue on their path to becoming the next generation of innovators.

Did You Know: You could double or even triple your gift to EPACENTER! Many organizations match their employees’ charitable contributions — an easy way to multiply your support of East Palo Alto youth. Some organizations also match retirees’ and spouses’ gifts.

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In 2022, EPACENTER, along with our community of partners, served almost 900 students. Seventy-one percent of EPACENTER students identify as Latino, 19% as African American, 7% as Asian/Pacific Islander, and 3% as Other. According to post-program surveys:


EPACENTER helped them learn to do new things


EPACENTER classes helped them stick with their projects even when they were challenging.


EPACENTER class helped them work with others as part of a team.

Learn more about EPACENTER’S work, meet our new partners, and see our goals for 2023 in our new annual report.