Job Training Flyer

EPACENTER Launches Job Training Programs

Program Spotlight | Posted on September 27, 2021

EPACENTER is pleased to announce the launch this fall of job training programs in creative fields for East Palo Alto youth, ages 14-18. Paid internships in graphic design, film making and public art will take place on Saturday afternoons.

The launch of job training programs in the creative sector comes right at the time when a statewide bill seeking to diversify California’s arts and culture workforce and provide jobs that pay a living wage to keep creative sector workers in expensive locales like the Bay Area has landed on the governor’s desk after winning near-unanimous support in the Assembly and Senate. The California Creative Workforce Act (SB628) is the first legislation of its kind in the country.

“The purpose of the act would be to establish creative arts workforce development as a state priority and to promote employment and ‘earn and learn,’ as defined, job training opportunities for creative workers, among other things,” the bill language states.

We are thrilled that the State is recognizing the importance of this sector. Providing opportunities for East Palo Alto youth to can gain access to high-wage careers in creative sectors is what we are all about at EPACENTER! To learn more about our fall 2021 paid internships, please check them out here