Winter Program Student Spotlight

Friendship Finds a Creative Home

Featured News | Posted on March 23, 2019

Karen and Isabelle are students at EPACENTER. They got hooked on mural art during the Fall 2018 session. Karen is drawn to this medium, with a special interest in how the colors can blend and balance each other. Isabelle’s teacher describes her as a “creative dynamo,” always looking to challenge herself with new techniques. They both said that “a drawing is more expressive than a word” – they have found that visual art gives them a new way to share their voices with the world.

Karen and Isabelle met at EPACENTER, both attracted to the idea of a place where you can learn new things without fear of ridicule and make friends your age who share your interests. Isabelle specifically called out EPACENTER as “a place to be yourself,” something that resonates with many of the young people who take classes here. Both girls recommend EPACENTER to their friends, with Karen summing it up perfectly: “At EPACENTER you can express yourself in a new way.”