Completion of the Light Tree Mural project

Program Spotlight | Posted on February 11, 2022

Our fall 2021 students from KIPP Esperanza High School have successfully completed their mural design internship, in which a work that they designed and created will be installed at the Light Tree Apartments in East Palo Alto.

Students gathered inspiration for the mural from a variety of sources including:

  • Their experiences with food shortages at home, a desire to highlight the generosity of the community in donating food to one another, and the importance of healthy food, such as the products available at the local farmers’ market.
  • How bicycles are an important part of the community, often serving as the main form of transportation around the city and as a fun activity to participate in with their families. The students also wanted to use the image of the bike as a metaphor for the cyclical nature of life, and how being self-(em)powered can foster positive change.
  • The history and culture of East Palo Alto, the influence of agriculture in its past, and the evolution of the community from being one that focused on agriculture to one that focused on technology.

Students also interviewed their own families, other residents, and civic leaders throughout the community. In post-program surveys, students reported that their number one learning outcome was how to use technology to create, and their second outcome was learning more about themselves and their community.

We look forward to sharing the students’ beautiful mural with the community once approvals are complete!